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Friday, April 27, 2012

Advantages of Playgroup

Each year millions of American toddlers and preschoolers enjoy the many advantages of playgroups and the associations and development of social skills that result from them. Aside from the obvious advantages of playgroups for young children, stay-at-home moms and dads also feel the advantages of playgroups since they offer a place for otherwise isolated adults to gather and socialize.


....In order to fully enjoy the advantages of playgroups, parents should put in the extra effort to make sure their playgroup runs smoothly and is a success for both the children and adults involved. Staying committed to the playgroup and making participation in the playgroup a priority, regularly communicating with other playgroup parents, offering to host the playgroup meetings, giving helpful suggestions for playgroup activities, and making a concerted effort to build friendships with other playgroup parents are all important ways to help fully realize the advantages of playgroups.

MODULE 3 : Shapes & Patterns

Monday, April 4, 2011

MODULE 2 : I CAN...!

Topic : I Can Create Musical Instruments

Aqlan with this shaker

Auni and mum

Pn. Linda & Pn. Fairuz (owner of Akademi Al-Fan)

Music Shaker

Topic : I Can See

Kids paste on the flower petals and leafs on the sugar paper.

Nicely done!

Topic : I Can Taste + Hari Raya Gathering

Kids wearing the Hari Raya outfits...So handsome and pretty la....;-)

Time for makan2...!!

Thanks to all the parents who brought variety of food for the gathering. Terharunya...they were very supportive...:D

Group photo of ALIMkids Playgroup kids & mothers (2 groups)

Topic : I Can Feel

I let them play with the educational toys and blocks. The kids were playing together and they talked to each other too...I can see that they had fun as this was quite different that usual activities...

Parents helped their kids during this art & craft session...

we used string to create patterns on the art block

Haziq was pulling out the string

Tadaa...!!! cantik tak?

This is one of my favourite among all....Nice or not? 2 thums up from Teacher Effa..!! *wink*

Sticker Book Makin'....

Mothers and kids were decorating the sticker book

Umar's sticker book

Hana's sticker book

Kids with their own creation of sticker book. So, instead of paste the sticker on their hands, I ask them to stick inside this book so that they can see their collection of stickers...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Topic : Home Sweet Home (Module 1)

"Look at our house...!! Nice or not?"

The little twin (Nuh & Hud) showed their artworks.

This week, they have responded to me quite well compared with before. They started to smile, answered questions, repeated what teacher said & did some movements as well. I am personally so happy with their progress.... :-)

Sara & mom (Pn. Suryati) with her artwork

Auni & Mom (Pn Umi) with her artwork.

A very quiet sweet girl who loves to dance and always smile.

Nabila with her brother and Amirul

This topic is about home and kids learned what is the function of a house and why we should take care of our house. They also were taught with some vocabs related to house like wall, door, window, etc. I cut papers into shapes like triangle, rectangle & square and asked the kids to do some paper collage onto the paper. Then, we decorated with others such as clouds, tree and drawn whatever they want.

Topic : My Favourite Food

Yummy Fruit Salad...!!!

Everyone was given a chance to mix the fruits....just like a little chef...:D

Its makan time...!!!
This is an interesting topic where kids learned basic things about food. They were taught what kind of food is healthy and what is unhealthy food. Flash cards about food was shown to the kids as well. The best part is when we did some simple cookin' where "little chefs" took turns to mix the fruits with thousand island.